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Artist Bio                                                                           

Yong Hong Zhong was born in Canton, China and immigrated to the United States when he was twelve years old.  Yong developed a keen interest in drawing at an early age.  His determination to pursue his dream of being an artist prompted him to attend La Guardia High School, a prestigious school for music and arts in New York City.  Yong continued his education at Pratt Institute in New York to further develop his artistic skills.  He majored in Illustration and has a minor in Art History. 

During his third year at Pratt Institute, Disney Animation Studios selected him and fourteen other college students from all over the country to tour their facilities and study under their artists for two weeks.  The animation industry reinforced his love for the arts. Upon graduation, he was offered an internship at the Disney Animation Studios in Florida.  After completion of the internship, Yong went back to New York and worked for MTV Animation Studios as a storyboard artist.  At MTV, he helped design backgrounds, props and also had an opportunity to be a voice-over.   A year later, he rejoined the Walt Disney Company and has worked on featured films since 1995.

While at Disney, Yong had the opportunity to work and learn from many talented artists. The changes and demands in the animation industry from traditional 2D films to 3D films have also broadened his versatility and proficiency in various production softwares. Over the past 14 years, he has refined his skills in story telling, color and composition.  The knowledge and experiences he acquired from the animation industry continue to be an invaluable influence in his art.   

After completion of Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” project, Yong was ready to take a different direction and focus on his passion for traditional painting. Yong takes inspiration from many different forms of art but none has more influence on him than the early California impressionists.  His subject matter varies from landscape to portrait to still life.  

Oregon’s beautiful landscapes and family oriented communities have motivated him to relocate. He currently lives in Portland with his wife and two sons.  



Painting is my addiction. It is something that I am naturally drawn to and as essential and simple as breathing to me.

There are two fundamental elements which I strive for with each and every one of my paintings. The first is a solid foundation in draftsmanship, color and composition. The second is being able to express and communicate my feelings with each piece. 

My urge to capture an emotion starts with a "spark".  It may be as simple as a tree against a blue sky or a rock lying on the ground, but there is certainly something there that ignites and captures my attention.  I am fascinated by color and light and the way light describes forms. I can see my painting in my mind’s eye before laying down the first stroke. When I lay down my last stroke, I know that I have accomplished to capture that mood which I had initially visualized.  

Being able to convey my emotions through my paintings gives me a sense of creative freedom and fulfillment.  It allows me to share with others what touches me, what inspires me and what moves me.


Awards/Art Shows

Paint the Peninsula 2018, WA

Best of Show

Artist's Choice

People's Choice

Olympic Interpretive Ranger's Award

Pacific Northwest Plein Air  2018, OR

Best of Show

Best water

Finger Lakes Plein Air 2018, NY

Second Place

Quick Draw

Glenn & Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center 2018, OR

Solo Show

Art on the Boulevard 2017, WA

"Oil and Water Works" Duo Exhibition

Pacific Northwest Plein Air 2017, OR

Honorable Mention

Finger Lakes Plein Air Festival 2017, NY

Honorable Mention

Umpqua Plein Air 2017, OR

Second Place

Paint the Peninsula 2017, WA

Quick Draw 3rd Place and Honorable Mention

Paint the Peninsula 2016, WA

Olympic National Park, Superintendent's Award

Plein Air @ Washington County 2016, OR

Best of Show

Washington Plein Air Artists " A National Parks Salute"2016, WA

Honorable Mention

Umpqua Plein Air 2016, OR

Forth Place

Pacific Northwest Plein Air 2016, OR

Historic Columbia River Hightway Award

Finger Lakes Plein Air Festival 2016, NY

Plein Air: A Chronicle of Lake Oswego 2015, OR   

Best of Show and City Purchase Award

Oregon Lavender Festival 2015, OR                        

Second Place

Pacific Northwest Plein Air 2015, OR               

Honorable Mention

Umpqua Plein Air 2015, OR                            

Best of Show and Fourth Place

Plein Air at Washington County 2015, OR                

Best Landscape and Quick Draw

Los gatos Plein Air 2015, CA

Plein Air Washington's Mountains to Meadows 2015, WA

Beaverton Art Mix 2014, OR                                    

Second Place(quick draw)

Oregon Lavender Festival 2014, OR                     

Third Place

Pacific Northwest Plein Air 2014, OR               

Best Water

Hillsboro Plein Air 2014, OR                           

Honorable Mention

Portland Art Museum Plein Air Painting Event 2014, OR

Los Gatos Plein Air 2014, CA

Hillsboro Plein Air 2013, OR                            

Best Landscape


Film Credits

2009, The Princess and the Frog, Layout

2006, The Fox and the Hound 2, Digital Painter

2005, Pooh’s Heffalump Movie, Digital Painter

2005, Tarzan II, Digital Painter

2004, Home on the Range, Layout

2000, The Emperor’s New Groove, Layout

1999, Fantasia 2000, Layout

1999, Tarzan, Layout

1998, Mulan, Layout

1997, Hercules, Layout

1995, Pocahontas, Clean-up